Paul Gilbert Plays Van Halen on Acoustic Guitar

There’s no doubt that both Paul Gilbert and Eddie Van Halen are two of the greatest rock guitarists who ever lived. So it’s always a fun time to hear one of these greats covering the other, especially when it’s on acoustic guitar. This recently happened when Paul Gilbert, seemingly just sitting around and jamming on a flattop guitar, took a request for the Van Halen classic “Spanish Fly” and seamlessly pulled it off on camera for all of us to enjoy. Continue reading

Kelly Joe Phelps Playing Robert Johnson

One of the most exciting moments as a guitarist is when you discover a modern master performing the works of a legend in the genre. When new guitarists put a modern twist on a classic track, it can breath new life into a beloved song, as is the case when modern master Kelly Joe Phelps recently recorded a live version of the Robert Johnson classic Hellhound on My Trail. Continue reading

Cliffs of Dover Acoustic Cover

Originally appearing on his 1990 album Ah Via Musicom, Cliffs of Dover has become the song most associated with guitar legend Eric Johnson. Known for his impeccable tone, killer chops and strong sense of melody, “Cliffs of Dover” features all of these and more in what many would consider to be the guitarist’s magnum opus. Continue reading

Andy McKee Drifting – An Internet Sensation

Andy McKee is just such a guitarist who fits into this third category of player. One who likes to mix things up with hand percussion as well as fingerstyle playing in his multitude of original compositions and acoustic covers. In 2006, acoustic guitarist Andy uploaded a video to YouTube that would set in motion a series of events that would make his song Drifting, and himself as an artist, a global sensation. Continue reading