Vintage Viator Travel Guitar Review

JHS Vintage Viator

While it is ideal to be able to jam on our favorite guitar at home, sometimes we find ourselves on the road for work and pleasure, and want to get some time in on the fretboard. For those players looking to take a guitar on the road with them to practice with and play on, a travel guitar is a secure choice. Continue reading Vintage Viator Travel Guitar Review

Andy McKee’s Mythmaker Review

Never one to rest on his past achievements, guitarist and composer Andy McKee has reached new creative heights with his latest release, the Mythmaker E.P. Working within the realm of fingerstyle guitar, with endeavours into solo piano and electric guitar sounds, McKee opens new windows into his muse for fans and new listeners alike to enjoy with this four-song E.P. Continue reading Andy McKee’s Mythmaker Review

Darrin Kobetich Sidetracked Album Review

Sidetracked is the latest release from Fort Worth based acoustic guitarist and composer Darrin Kobetich, who describes his own music as “ambient, delta, raga, thrash.” With eclectic tastes and a willingness to experiment with his compositions and performance, Kobetich has put together a fun to listen to and expertly performed collection of songs on his latest record, which will appeal to fans of fingerstyle and new-age genres alike. Continue reading Darrin Kobetich Sidetracked Album Review