PRS SE Angelus Acoustic On Tour With Steve Vai Band

Press Release Source: PRS Guitars

PRS SE Angelus Acoustic Guitar
PRS SE Angelus Acoustic Guitar

Dave Weiner has been a member of Steve Vai’s band for more than a decade and has toured the world with him seven times over.

On their latest tour, Dave was given the opportunity to not only play with Vai’s band, but also to open with a solo acoustic set, supporting his instrumental album A Collection of Short Stories.

The PRS SE Angelus shares the same proprietary bracing pattern and several distinct construction features as PRS’s acclaimed Maryland-made acoustic line, as well as the company’s trademark bird inlays and headstock design.

The PRS SE Angelus is offered in both a “Standard” and “Custom” package.

The Angelus Standard includes mahogany sides, a solid mahogany back and a rosewood fretboard and bridge, while the Angelus Custom includes rosewood sides, a solid rosewood back, and an ebony fretboard bridge.


“When you’re opening the show for him [Vai], things can’t be compromised on any level. So I needed reliable, amazing-feeling, amazing-playing, amazing-sounding instruments, and PRS sent me (two SE Angelus Custom acoustics)…If they didn’t hold up I certainly wouldn’t have used them in the Vai show, and of course opening up playing this unaccompanied acoustic stuff where all your hearing is the guitar speak…It performed absolutely flawlessly. I will be taking my SE acoustics out with me again.” – Dave Weiner


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The PRS SE Angelus Standard and Custom models are made with high-quality components, including a solid back and solid spruce top, a bone nut and saddle, and PRS SE designed tuners.

A PRS pickup system option is also available, highlighting the instruments’ rich, resonant, and responsive tone.

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