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Acoustic Guitar Accompaniment Books Overview

If you’re looking for additional material to help you prepare for the accompaniment section of your Grade One, Two or Three RGT Acoustic Guitar exam, or you want to improve your skills in this important area of accompanying then these books are ideal. read article

Vintage Viator Travel Guitar Review

While it is ideal to be able to jam on our favorite guitar at home, sometimes we find ourselves on the road for work and pleasure, and want to get some time in on the fretboard. For those players looking to take a guitar on the road with them to practice with and play on, a travel guitar is a secure choice. read article

RGT and Takamine Guitar Winner Announced

"I'm so pleased to have won this guitar. It's a joy to play. It has an excellent tone with clear high notes and deep resonant lows. The guitar stays in tune well and the intonation is spot on across the entire range. The guitar looks great and is made from quality parts. If I hadn't won this guitar I might well have bought it anyway!" read article

Rhythm Exercise - Eighth Note Strumming Patterns

Eighth note strumming patterns are bread and butter to an acoustic guitarist. It's therefore essential that you are comfortable in performing a variety of patterns. The exercise in this article sets out a fundamental approach to building strong rhythm skills, as well as a fun and challenging way to explore different strumming patterns. For this exercise, you will need your guitar, a piece of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. read article

5 Intermediate Fingerpicking Patterns

When learning how to play fingerstyle guitar, one of the biggest roadblocks many of us face is moving beyond basic fingerpicking patterns as you progress into the intermediate study of the genre. In this lesson you will learn how to play 5 intermediate level fingerpicking patterns that you can use to build your technique, as well as add variety to your songwriting and performance in a fingerstyle situation. read article